Our Wings

It took thirty years to develop the taste and size of Guide’s Secret Wings and Seasoning – thirty years of testing and tasting – trial and error – before it was ready for the Southside of Chicago! In the early 80’s Joe Guide knew something BIG was on the horizon. It involved wings – chicken wings – and it was fast becoming the next best thing on menus everywhere! His cousin first turned Joe on to this new taste. He knew he had to make this new food item his own – AND HE DID! In a BIG way! Literally!

Traveling to the lower east coast where wings were beginning to catch on, Joe talked with the locals, ate with the locals – he “seasoned” with the locals. He talked with patrons asking what it was about this new food that people were loving? Joe went to wing contests, local establishments, places where wings were really catching “on fire”…and then he worked on making those wings his own.


And that’s when history was made! Joe formulated his special recipe into his own! Nowhere was there to be found such a mouthwatering, signature wing seasoning in the Midwest! Joe brought his award-winning wing recipe to Guides – and not just with any wings –JUMBO wings! Joe developed his secret recipe into Five Specials Seasoning Blends: the mild, the spicy, the smokin’, the atomic and the garlic. These seasonings were placed on the finest quality jumbo sized wings. In preparation, they took longer to cook with the proper amount of seasoning – but were so worth the wait!! And the crowds on the southside of Chicago loved them!!