Our Pizza

Where New York is known for it’s Deli’s… Chicago is known for it’s Pizza. Thin crust – thick crust – stuffed – whatever the style – it’s BEST in Chicago! And Joe Guide knew if he was going to serve pizza at his establishment – it’d better be the best or it would be GONE! He had the stone pizza ovens, seasoned thru the years for exceptional taste, he had a good recipe with a good following of pizza lovers….but he knew it could be better! With the same search he did in his quest for the “perfect wing seasoning”, Joe set out on a venture to find the best recipe and technique he would serve at Guide’s Pizza. And what an adventure he was about to go on…in his own backyard!

Joe heard of a renowned pizza maker in Chicago, literally a couple of blocks away. Enter Mr. Vincent James DeLisa – “Jimmy”- as those close to him knew him by! Jimmy came to the United States directly from Italy with his brother and migrated to Chicago. He worked hard as a pizza maker – with his specialty recipes and concoctions directly from Italy! Jimmy loved to cook! He worked for the next 20 years or so perfecting his talents and making his mark on Chicago style pizza with his old world recipes – and developed quite a following. And then, the restaurant he worked at closed down.


Jimmy took a year off – just when Joe was looking to perfect his recipe. Joe invited Jimmy in to try his pizza and asked him what he thought. Well, he came in…and he tried it… and he made Joe a deal! A deal that would change the course of Guide’s Old World Pizza forever!! Jimmy said he’d be at Joe’s around 330pm that day. He said he’d make pizzas with a special recipe all by hand and bring in a few customers as well. Needless to say, GUIDE’S HISTORY WAS BEING REWRITTEN …in pizza!!


Jimmy worked with Joe in developing what is now known as THE BEST Old World Thin crust pizza on the Southside of Chicago today! For the last ten years, Jimmy and Joe formulated Guide’s thin crust pizza, fresh everyday, with hand grated cheeses, fresh dough made daily and a sauce that is all his own! The special spices, meats and cheese Guide’s uses today are all the same ingredients first used in the Old World recipe brought over from Italy with Vincent James “Jimmy” DeLisa. The pizza ovens, with it’s pizza stones spectacularly seasoned over the last fifty years, make each pizza take on it’s own “taste” and flavor!

Come in and see why Guide’s Old World Thin Crust Pizza is the BEST you’ll ever taste!